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We are a team of passionate program licensing expert distributing the best programs across the world.

About Us

We believe the best content deserved to be under the global spotlight.

Founded in 2004, Cheers Media is based in Hong Kong and specialized in licensing program and products from worldwide. As a global acquisition and distribution expert, Cheers Media has successfully built up a strong network and partnership in entertainment industry and delivered 50000+ hours of program to TV channels and platforms across the world.

  • Network and partnership across Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, etc.
  • Content Distribution and Licensing for Theatrical Release, TV broadcasters, OTT Channels, Platforms, Youtube, VOD and Inflight Entertainment.
  • Acquire features, drama series, animation, documentaries and factual content around the globe.

We are devoted to protect the intellectual property (IP) since it is a precious asset to all producers and creators. Cheers Media will ensure all licensed content are from trustable, traceable and authorised source and partners.

Our Offer

Our business involves acquisition & distribution of licensed programmes for the program demand of high-end clients.

Global Content Distribution

We distribute programs across the world, in various genre and specialty on behalf of producers.


We are welcome to partnership and work out the best approach and strategy with clients.

Strong Network

We've successfully built up a strong network of the best producers and suppliers across the world for sure will fit your platform.

License Consultancy

We provide professional consultancy and media solution for licensing to ensure the intellectual property are well protected.

Seamless Service

We provide one stop service from market research, program sourcing, material delivery to post-project advice.

Technology Backup

Our energetic technical team will always seek for the best practice to ensure a smooth, swift and quality delivery is made.

Let's Work Together!

We will always tailor made for you the best entertainment right solution and we believe this is the experience you deserve.


Our Portfolio

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Beo n Peno
39 x 7'
Fun Run will witness the everyday lives of the BEO and the PENO with a lot of brawls, pranks, chaos, cuddles and love. Basically fun!
Taichi Cats
The world’s tiniest agents from the classified mission organization, Taichi Cats, are consisted of a secret alliance between adept martial artist Tai-chi Cats and humans. The first troupe leader Budy tops the organization with the best accomplishment every month. For some reason, trouble always arises incidentally…
GGO Football
S1: 52 x 30’, S2: 52 x 30’
GGO Football offers an exciting vision of the future as the relationship between technology and football accelerates and reaches the penultimate in this fantasy adventure. GGO football players are actually artificial intelligence robots who are cunningly manipulated by their human controllers...
120 x 45'
“Heidi, Bienvenida a casa” is based on an original idea by Marcela Citterio, whose vast portfolio of hits includes a number of international success such as Yo Soy Franky, Chica Vampiro and Patito Feo. This new series reinterprets the worldwide well – known classic novel by Johanna Spyri from 1880 with a modern touch filled of comedy and music.
Kids Jungle
39 x 7'
Kids Jungle is a collection of animation stories for pre-school kids. These filmsspread fun, entertainment, morals and education to the next generation. Supercolorful characters, stylized backgrounds and spunky animations will be a boost ofrefreshment for our exuberant little ones.
Rana & Riv
10 x 13'
Young explorers Rana and Riv, live in Karli, a mountain village that happens to be right next to the Wonder Forest, a secret realm filled with strange tribes, magical creatures and ice cream trees...
Bear Planet
8 x 13'
The mysterious journey in the Universe and landing onto Xiti planet! Coming from the Bear Planet are Xiu Lu, NeiNei and Ar De who are eager to learn and good thinkers. The three bears are appointed to tackle crisis in the Bear Planet while finished mission of observation trip on the Earth, they are landed on Faer planet which is among the Xiti galaxy...
Carita De Angel
290 x 60'
Dulce Maria has the sweetness, ingenuity and natural joy of a five-year- old girl. She is the only daughter of Gustavo Larios, a successful man in the Brazilian and Mexican coffee business, his mother Tereza Rezen de Larios, died tragically when Dulce Maria was only three years old...
Moscow Circus Collection
12 x 150'
Extremely eye-catching , outstanding and professional performances of Russian Circus...
26 x 26'
Each chapter deals with a different ecosystem and through the dynamic script we will gradually find out about the characteristics of water, which makes life possible on the planet, and the different ways that the animals and plants have adapted to this environment...
World Peacekeepers
Series: 52 x 30'
OVA: 10 x 90' - 100'
This series, which is set in the future, is about several events that break out after troops successfully rescued a teenager who was kidnapped by the mysterious Black Armors.
26 x 12'
Sitala princess from outer space, was rescued in one occasion jointly by two cops namely Zhang Daxiu and Hanfang, who gained super power in due course. They thus advanced from cops of general ones to Haijing, super k-cops!

Our Team

Our team is experienced in program exploitation. Our role in international conventions and sales markets provides us further privileges to explore a production market of media figures and souvenirs. We are sharing you market updates and offering the best information for your media demand.

Ali Wang

Founder, CEO

Jojo Wong

Senior Director

Alan Wong

Licensing Manager/ Delivery Specialist

Dorcas Cheng

Licensing Executive

Pearl Ip

Copy Writer


Licensing Executive

Talitha K.

Account Manager

Derek .Y

Information Technology Manager

Stella A.

Legal Advisor

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Cheers Media

Based in Hong Kong for over 17 years, Cheers Media is an international acquisition and distribution company. We specialized in licensing program and products from worldwide.

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